Our services cover the entire lifetime of your assets, while allowing you to be concentrated on your ordinary business. 


With our services, your property will be our care for the entire period of operation. You can safely go about your own business, without being distracted by worries about the assets.

Our organization designs, develops and maintains commercial property, while considering specific wishes our customer may express. We, doing our job, will benefit to a better image of your business.


You can expect a quick response by our staff any moment throughout the whole service life of your facility. Our care about your future facility starts with consulting, design and development. When in operation, we maintain and perform routine repairs on you facility.

Regardless of the facility under maintenance, we can offer a better solution or full-scale support, giving our customers the services of prime quality only.


We have our branch offices across Russia, representing 80% of its territory. We render maintenance services to supermarkets, retail chains, self-service stores and other retail businesses during their entire lifespan.


Our services consist in equipment maintenance, heating management, individual hot water supply, and air conditioning. We assess technical and sanitary risks, control utilities and manage electrical systems.

To make it easier for tenants of commercial property to operate their leased facility efficiently, and for utility provider to manage such property comfortably, we try to optimize the operating costs and electricity costs, upgrade our equipment and offer services according to the practical needs of each facility.


A shopping center should be of a prestigious corporate style, which is one of the most important resources.

If such facility is serviced by a single contractor, he will be able to maintain its corporate style as one, and in good condition.

By concluding a contract with us, you will save your time and resources you spend on administrative management, as we can offer integrated solutions and provide stability.


Co-operating with us will boost your business performance, as we use innovative methods of improvement, while implementing standardized processes and best practices.

We have developed a unique award-winning technology which has found its use in practice, with much success. We strive to ensure that you minimize operational costs, while maintaining a high level of service, which your employees and customers are used to count on.