Atalian Company is pleased to welcome you!

We offer our customers services of the highest quality. We have partners both nationwide and from abroad. For Atalian, the main goal is to satisfy the needs of each and every customer. By following this corporate policy we have formed an extensive base with numerous regular customers.



Cleaning of premises, performed according to scheduled times and patterns (you may choose daily, weekly and monthly services).

Technical maintenance

Regular technical maintenance of your facility, not only to keep it neat and attractive from exterior but also to ensure its full functionality.

Facility managment

Ongoing building maintenance (garbage collection, maintenance of security systems, utilities, and etc.)

Energy efficiency

Implementation of effective energy preservation solutions, better energy efficiency and energy usage.

Construction services

Construction activities (dismantling/installation of plumbing, sewage, heating systems, and etc.)


Landscaping services, including the full list of activities, from planting trees and flowers to installing irrigation systems.

Pest control

Pest control (extermination of insects, rats and other pests, effective disinsectization services).



Atalian means managing our customer’s facility with high degree of competence that covers not only the maintenance of a building itself, with adjacent territory, but the integrated maintenance, too.

We care about your comfort level!

Extra services

We can also offer some extras, which are closely related with everyday services:

  • furnishing consumables for toilet facilities
  • rental of protective floor mats and carpets
  • protecting lobby entrances in your building from dirt and dust
  • garbage and snow melt removal
  • disinfection and deratization
  • cleaning of windows and facades
  • surface polishing

Custom solutions

For Atalian, the priority principle in our policy means to be focused on the personal needs of every individual customer. When rendering services to a customer, we always take into account his desires and preferences.

The quality of the services our company provide can be proved by feedback from a vast number of satisfied customers! This should be attributed to a friendly team of co-workers sharing the same commitment.



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